lead me to the mosh pit….


Playschool – The Review (sort of)…

There were no pre-show drinks, sticky carpet, funny smelling cigarettes or even an encore but there was a bit of a light show, a merchandise stand and plenty of screaming.

No, we weren’t at the (insert small, inner-city, sweaty, hipster music venue here). We were at North Sydney Leagues club to see Play School on tour.

So, what did I think? Well I realised that I’m not 25 anymore which is both good and bad. Bad, as I am quite clearly a long way away from attending my next ear-splittingly loud, guitar based music event (and let’s face it, my daughter will probably spend the night morbidly embarrassed by her dad wearing a 20 year old band shirt and silly jeans). Good in that I didn’t need to wake up the next morning stinking of cigarette smoke, with a hang over, mild tinnitus and the taste of an early morning burger/kebab/slice of barely identifiable pizza in my mouth.

There’s a part of me that’s a bit sad, that realises that the days of my musical taste being current, important and meaningful are now gone. In my younger years I would buy at least one CD a week, avidly scour the music press and listen to the radio looking for that next underground band that I could like until they were popular at which point I could knowingly say “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff”. Now, although I have more money to spend on music, the last thing I loaded into iTunes was the Wiggles Big Red Car.

But on the other hand I’m happy. Happy that I’ve got someone else to share/educate about the awesomeness that is music. I know my daughter loves to sing, has a bit of rhythm and unlike her dad has no problem completely “going off” to her favorite song in the middle of the lounge room without needing the anonymous confines of a dimly lit bar.

It great to see how excited she got when a song came up that she knew and when you think about it, there’s no difference between her loving a song about frogs going “la di da di da” and her dad loving a song about fake plastic trees.

Oh, and the concert? Well, Jay and Abi (some of you will know exactly who I am talking about) did a great job. Kids were entertained, parents had a bit of a laugh and they even stuck around at the end for autographs, hugs and high fives. It was a great morning out and if you’ve got $14 and the tour is coming to an RSL near you, I recommended you get along.

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3 Responses to lead me to the mosh pit….

  1. Sheila says:

    “the last thing I loaded into iTunes was the Wiggles Big Red Car” – I have done likewise, but the really scary thing is that I couldn’t tell you what the last piece of music was that I bought for myself…..

    • kev says:

      Nice one. The next question is what is currently in your DVD player and if you have a PVR/Sky+ box etc, what’s filling up the hard drive…

  2. Sheila says:

    DVD player is Oxbridge Baby’s learn to talk – it’s the only thing that entertains him for longer than 10 seconds. Sky+ is all ours….. for now…..

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