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End of Winter – Wordless Wednesday

You know winters nearly over when we can both go to the park before dinner and it’s still light. Linking up with my little drummer boys  and twinkle in the eye for wordless Wednesday

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My 3rd Fathers day performance review…

Kevin, attached is the 3rd annual performance review of your role as vice team leader of the illiterate infant household. Core Skills: You have come along way in two-and-a-bit years. We note your ability to change a nappy (both kinds), … Continue reading

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Why am I crying watching XFactor?

The camera shot switches from the judges stunned faces, to the grin of the 14 year old girl who has just “nailed” a Beatles classic and there it is, the next shot that brings the lump into my throat, a … Continue reading

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And we said we’d never do it again…

There’s a joke that parents of toddlers the world over are in-on. It’s the one where none of them tell their friends that haven’t had kids yet about the 2 years of sleep deprivation, 12 different types of vomit and … Continue reading

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Advice I wished I’d got two years earlier…

So in wandering around the blogosphere over the last few days I came across some common sense. Over at SlightlySuburbanDad there’s a great post about respecting the choices of others. In summary it’s a great response to the the hugely … Continue reading

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So you want to raise an Olympian…

I still remember sitting in that small room looking at the fuzzy black and white image of my then 26 week old daughter. My wife and I were happy not knowing the gender, just seeing all the limbs coming out … Continue reading

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Hi to anyone that’s popped in from the guys over at who have kindly asked me to guest post for them. Feel free to check out the posts so far and like or follow me if you want to … Continue reading

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