Caught my eye Friday – Bitch slaps & bravery

And here starts the experiment. Each Friday I’m going to try and post the things I’ve read that I thought were interesting, insightful, hilarious or touching. Consider it a link up in reverse (without the linking up bit).

Political Smackdown

So my first eye catcher was Julia Gillard going viral with her “slap down” of Tony Abbott. Politics is a great study in human behavior and if you want to see someone move from feeling completely in control to stripped naked in the corner try and watching the 15 minute tirade.

Blogging Bravely

When I first started this whole blogging thing I was expecting to be reading about funny poo stories and clever ways to avoid leaving your child in a locked car. Instead I’ve been continuously amazed by the courage Aussie mum bloggers show in the stories that they tell.  This weeks brave blogger award goes to Catherine over at Cup of Tea and a Blog that put together an amazing post about losing a pregnancy. The post took guts and made the realise the power people have in telling their story. If you haven’t already checked it out have a look.

Comments on what caught your eye this week most welcome.

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24 Responses to Caught my eye Friday – Bitch slaps & bravery

  1. Bless you Kevin! Thanks for my award, you’ve really made me smile on this cold damp morning. I’ve had quite a journey with my blog, when I started I wanted every post to be laugh out loud funny, but I ‘ve learned that speaking my truth with honesty is pretty cool too. Have a great day x

  2. I like your description of the Julia smack down. There were all kinds of shifts and changes going on for both of them I think in terms of control – spin vs raw human emotion etc. I can’t imagine having to be in control and on show at all times the way politicians normally are.

  3. Catherine’s blog is always amazing I am so glad you pointed it out for others to see

  4. Salz says:

    Yayy catherine. Love her blog too. I have just been starting to read your blogg as well kevin and I’m impressed dude!

  5. Kelly HTandT says:

    Sometimes I think I live under a rock. A rock that is my blog. Because the only pieces I’ve read about this political smackdown have either been on facebook or blogs. Clearly I’ve fallen behind on current affairs. I did however read an article about the world’s youngest grandmother at 23 years old. No joke, 23. It’s been lingering in my mind ever since I read it, I think I have to write about it. Anyway, love the segment, love the name, and love your first 2 choices. *High five*

  6. There definitely are some amazing bloggers out there!!!

  7. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions says:

    Excellent things to catch your eye. I had missed that post by Catherine so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I don’t have a huge amount of time for news these days (who am I kidding, I could if I wanted to do but it just shits me too much at the moment) so I had to go looking for that speech Gillard made and only heard it yesterday for the first time! In fact I only heard that stupid Gangnam song the other day after seeing the eleventy-billionth mention of it and demanded my husband tell me what the hell everyone was talking about! I used to pride myself on being up-to-date on all things current affairs and pop-culture, but now I’m just proud of myself to make it through a day remembering my own name!

  8. Thanks for the “caught my eye” Friday Kevin. I had somehow missed that post from Catherine.

  9. Danya Banya says:

    Great posts to start off this “experiment”. I loved Julia’s speech. Political affiliations aside, I think she did a great job in standing up for herself without loosing integrity at the same time. A great speech for Australian women.

  10. Alicia says:

    How did I miss that tirade, oh yes, i have two young kids, and I haven’t seen a whole episode of news for god knows. Her fiery redheadedness is coming through, good on her for giving him a dressing down. Love that you included Catherine.

  11. Emily says:

    Great links; thanks for sharing! Love the idea of linking to the top stories of the week.

  12. Hi Kevin, great to ‘meet’ you via FYBF. Might put you on my watch list 😉 And really enjoyed the title of this post, haha!
    Catherine’s post was a wonderful insight into something that, unfortunately and sadly, is so common but also actually a somewhat natural part of life. And I say that with a vast experience with my own (11) miscarriages. A brave post to share and I’m sure will bring validation to many who read it.

    • morander says:

      Hi Kirrily, and thanks for “watching” me. The more I read about miscarriage the more I realise your right about it being an common and unfortunate part of life.

  13. Great idea Kevin. Looking forward to your side of the weeks news and views. I switched off this week and can you believe it, missed the whole political smackdown. I see a movie in the making.

  14. Re Blogging Bravery – great choice! Heavy stuff, that. You’re right about how brave bloggers writing such honest content make us re-think about what and how we write. Lawd knows I’m re-thinking the (benign) stuff I put up right now…
    Re Bitchslap – alls I can say to Tony is Boo Ya!

  15. Grace says:

    “Caught my eye Friday” – what a great idea!
    As for Tony Abbott, I love how over a week later, we’re still talking about the slap down, to the point where Macquarie Dictionary are “broadening” their definition of misogyny. Woot!

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