Caught my eye Friday – Asshats, Handsome Dads and Ranting

Another week done, another CMEF which this week, stars four bloggers who I am sure you are already aware of (or should be).

The upside of parenting

I’ve recently discovered Dominic Knight after reading this article of his about hanging with his nephew for a day. As I read his article I remembered being that uncle myself and having those same opinions. If you read it try and remember yourself before kids and it makes a whole lot of sense.

Annoyingly talented and handsome award

…goes to Matt over at daddownunder that has written way too many good articles to link to just one. He’s a stay at home dad – that cooks (serious bromance brewing), grows his own veggie (swoon) and manages to capture exactly what it’s like learning to “Dad” as you go. Seriously, he’s a great writer and to prove it check out one of my favorite posts here.  If you haven’t already, like, follow and stalk him.




Why-didn’t-I-think-of-the-asshat award and the best swear of the week

I’ve got two winners this week that both deserve a mention. Firstly Kylie over at a study in contradictions that wrote a hilarious post ranging from rambling to rant about a twat of a husband and his suing of his wife for their ugly baby. This post lead me to Good Golly Miss Molly who had me won over the moment I saw one of her highly coveted asshat awards being given to dear old Alan.

Both of these ladies are hilarious and well worth a read (if you’re not already following them I tend to be late to these parties)
Always happy to hear anything from anyone about posts/articles that made them laugh, cry or want to throw something at a screen. Have a cracking weekend, Kev.

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20 Responses to Caught my eye Friday – Asshats, Handsome Dads and Ranting

  1. I think she should turn ass hats into a linky party!

  2. mumabulous says:

    Good one Kev. I too loved Dom Knight’s column. His depiction of Hide and Seek with a three year old was astoundingly accurate. I wish someone would hurry up and breed with this very intelligent and talented Chaser boy already.
    I predict that Matt of Down Under Dad will be leaping off cyberspace and onto our TV screens and you’ve got to love Holly and Kylie.

  3. Aw, I think I just wet my pants. Thanks for the lovely mention! I feel a new Quipture coming on. I already have one ready for you but left my hard drive at home so will post when I get home and get a chance to get on the laptop, but I feel this deserves another. Maybe something along the lines of “I wish to make a complaint!”

  4. becc03 says:

    Suing his wife for an ugly baby, I can hardly type this through the tears of laughter – thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this to my attention 🙂

  5. alwayslauren says:

    There should completely, definitely and absolutely be an Asshats Linky. Unfortunately we could probably post daily on that one 🙂

  6. Kim says:

    Thanks, Kev (can I call you Kev?) for introducing me to these hilarious blogs. I too am a little bit late to most parties. I’m a little bit late to everything. I blame my kids and get away with it mostly.
    Asshats!! I don’t do craft, but I might make an exception for these. Holly and Kylie are going to have me running off to the physio to get in touch with my inner pelvic floor. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.
    A happy weekend to you!

  7. daddownunder says:

    Shucks Kev you’re making me blush. This is my second budding bromance in a week, what a total slut pot! An extreme inability to string two sensible words together when a camera is pointed at me will ensure I never get to live out my Oprah dream, or perhaps that helps? I’m off to check out your other recommendtions.

  8. Thanks for the links Kev, great reads. What a beautiful article by Matt!
    Kylie has hit the nail on the head with her rambling/rant. Personally I thought both of my kids looked like aliens for the first few weeks. Mr Nomad doesn’t resemble anything even close to an alien, who would I have sued?
    Holly’s such a witty gal, always love her Asshats!!

  9. Kelly HTandT says:

    Great choices as always!

  10. I have me a major girl crush on Mama Hoz. She ignited my love for blogging. Of course my fav thing about her is that she swears like a trooper just like me hahah

  11. Great recommendations. That’s my weekend reading sorted. I can’t stop saying asshats – something about that word!

  12. Grace says:

    Gad, 2 daddy bloggers getting all touchy, huggy, lovey with each other? What’s the world coming to ? Next thing you know you’ll be crying over X-Factor…ooops 🙂
    Yeah, I read Kelly’s post. Can you believe the craziness of some people?? Unbelievable!

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