Moody or thoughtful – Wordless Wednesday

I’m biased so I’m going for thoughtful.

Linking up with my little drummer boys  and twinkle in the eye for wordless Wednesday

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13 Responses to Moody or thoughtful – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thoughtful. Definitely thoughtful!

  2. Maybe thinking about being moody? 😉 beautiful pic.

  3. Alicia says:

    Far away from the fact you are taking a photo of her, a distraction has her in thought.

  4. Thoughtful for sure! She’s contemplating world domination, one parent at a time!

  5. ann says:

    Thoughtful, a moody child has a face like thunder!!

  6. mumabulous says:

    Pensive? Contemplative?

  7. oooh! definitely like Kylez answer.. definitely the look of how to get world domination!

  8. Sim says:

    My children have that look when I’m talking to them and they are trying really hard to pretend they are listening, by they are obviously thinking of far away things (and bored of what I’m saying).

  9. Jacana says:

    Very deep in thought

  10. Trish MLDB says:

    I agree with Mumabulous Pensive and Contemplative !

  11. Grace says:

    Naw…too cute. How about thoughtful on the borderline of moody ? Love her pout! 🙂

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