Caught my eye Friday – Sex, more sex and homophones

Work 1, Kev’s ambitions to take over the blogging world zero but I still managed to have a quick look around at what’s been going on in the blogosphere and, can I just say, “aren’t we a randy bunch of writers this week!” But before we get onto that…

Boobs or Elbows

There’s been an incident when they took down a persons photo because they thought it was pornographic (It’s ok, it wasn’t). The woman took the photo to test the terms of service and in the process made facebook look a bit foolish – serves them right for reducing the reach of my facebook posts by two thirds!

The it’s-as-bad-as-catching-your-parents-at-it award

My two avid readers may have recognised that the following recipients have both reached the peak of their literary and blogging careers and featured in previous CMEF’s. Take note that if you want to make it to the the top twice the best way to do is to get smutty!

Seriously guys, I wanted to look away, look back again, look away, book a trip to inland Australia… Well done Matt from Daddownunder and Jess at EssentiallyJess that both managed to put together articles that were both entertaining for us and horrific for their kids 15 years from now. Look out for the next raunchy post from the illiterate infant – “Heavily pregnant wife seriously considers sex, then thinks better of it and falls asleep”

…and the-best-word-that-sounds-rude-but-isn’t award…

Goes to Michelle over at blundermum who has given me my favourite new word – homophone. Each week I try and click on a site that I haven’t seen before and invariably I’m impressed by what people have to say and how they say it. If you haven’t seen Blundermum I recommend having a look around. I’m also about to put in an order for her learning cage.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I won’t need to worry about having to sensor my post next week (homophone – so many uses). As always, let me know if you see something that deserves a highly regarded CMEF award. Have a cracking weekend.


Sharing with everyone’s favourite Friday linkyΒ  withsomegrace – thanks Grace.

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17 Responses to Caught my eye Friday – Sex, more sex and homophones

  1. I don’t mean to be childish… but when it comes to the sex posts… I STARTED IT!
    And you wanna know what caught my eye this week? CHRISTMAS BEETLES! They come from nowhere, and suddenly they’re everywhere, and every year for the past 30 years I act like it’s a new phenomenon. I can’t stand the little buggers.

  2. mumabulous says:

    “Heavily pregnant wife seriously considers sex” – that’s funny and optimistic!

  3. Trish MLDB says:

    Hilarious Kev I missed the sex posts and I think I need one to kick start things along.

  4. Oh th thought of a once off sex blog link up is both terrifying and hilarious!
    Thanks for the shout out. Maybe for your pregancmy woman considering sex post, you should take that trip to inland Australia? You never know what will happen! πŸ˜‰

  5. Funny, I’m thinking of popping one up next week… must be the heat getting everyone truly hot and sweaty. Good to meet you via FYBF.

  6. Josefa Pete says:

    “Heavily pregnant wife seriously considers sex, then thinks better of it and falls asleep”
    hang in there! anything is possible if bub becomes overdue πŸ˜‰

  7. Zanni Arnot says:

    Love it Kevin! Hadn’t seen any of these…that boob elbow picture is uncanny.

  8. Danya Banya says:

    She does have very big elbows though πŸ™‚

  9. Oh I missed Matt’s post – I’ll go and check it out now!

  10. Hilarious. But if you want to read a sexy post published this week you have to check out this one: Very sexy!

    Sex is one topic on my blog I’ve steered clear of mostly. Maybe I should consider one… would be great for SEO I’m sure!


  11. Grace says:

    I read Jess’ post and oh yes, it definitely does deserve a mention! Off to read Matt’s now! Thanks for the tips! πŸ™‚

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