Our first conscious Christmas

Last weekend little miss 2.5 got Christmas, or, more accurately ‘I’ got, that she got Christmas. It started on Saturday when she pointed out Santa while looking through some Christmas laden junk mail and then proven beyond doubt when we went to our local Christmas store and I saw a look on her face that I have never seen before. I can only describe it as awe, like if I was to walk out my front door and see a brand new Aston Martin sitting where my sensible family wagon once stood or if my wife was able to go to the toilet without being asked what she was doing (yes, we both have different expectations).


Respect and adulation for those who guess where this image comes from…

Awe for little miss 2.5 came in the form of the lights section at the Christmas store. As we climbed the stairs I could see her face changing, eyes widening and mouth opening further and further until, met with the site of a 9 foot snow man she could simply squeal “it’s enoooooormous”. For the first time ever I was able to put her down in a store and not have to chase her as the flashing, strobing lights had her rooted to the spot. We spent the next 20 minutes fiddling with settings on every set of display lights, hugging inflatable, glowing reindeer and then (as we recovered from the strobing) touching everything.

We had a ball, left the store after trying on every Santa hat we could find and then went to the local shopping mall to find more decorations. While we were there we hi-fived and hugged a Santa and then went to David Jones to look at more decorations, over-sized headphones and 3d televisions (new definition of cute is watching your daughter going off with a pair of Beats headphones on). We finished the day with Christmas tree decorating, lights turning on, and then the repositioning of every tree decoration below 1 meter high.

What’s really great is that we are finally having fun at Christmas. For those wondering how my catchy title fits into the post I mean it quite literally, this year we are actually conscious. Our first Christmas was tough. Celebrations were wedged between the sleeps of a child that would barely make 20 minutes with her eyes shut and shared with a wife that was struggling with a lack of the aforementioned. The second year little miss 2.5 (who was 1.5 – will need better nicknames me thinks) had got a little better but to ensure we kept raising the bar we chucked in a  plane trip to Brisbane, staying with family she barely knew, at a house she didn’t remember. Some of you may be reading this thinking “no big deal” but when your petrified of re-living the first 12 months of no sleep you tend to find relaxing a bit difficult when your off your home turf.

This year it’s different. Our once bundle-of-nerves-and-reflexes is now a little person who gets excited about the same things I do (says a lot about her Dad). This year we’re all awake, reasonably well rested and excited. This year I am getting to see Christmas through the eyes of my little girl who is seeing it, really seeing it, for the first time. This year there will be a trampoline and one of us is very excited that it takes up to 150kg.

So when was your first conscious Christmas or did it all work out for you a lot quicker? What’s the best Christmas memory that you’ve made this year (so far)?

It’s not a Tuesday unless I blog it with our favourite Tuesday Jess at essentiallyjess

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27 Responses to Our first conscious Christmas

  1. Danya Banya says:

    Home Alone ?

  2. iSophie says:

    I love Christmas. It just gets better and better as the younger boy grows up and now realise a bit more about what going on. I have 3 that are totally into it (brawls over lego advent calenders are quite normal here) and the 2 yr old thinks the lights and decorations are pretty cool.

  3. That looks like a Griswald Christmas.

    Dora is almost two and knows that something fun is going on with all of the Christmas decorations up. Not sure she ‘gets it’ yet though.

  4. mumabulous says:

    I’m with Kaz & Ang – it has to be The Griswalds. Its a beautiful age that your little girl is at. I can remember when we took P1 to view Christmas lights for the first time. She nearly hyper ventilated with excitement. The good news is, Christmas just gets better. You can milk the Santa’s watching you line for all its worth. Wishing your family a very illiterate Christmas.

    • Kevin says:

      Absolutely Grizwalds! I think next year we’ll be turning the “Santa is watching you” screws”. A Fabulous christmas to you guys as well

  5. lyndal says:

    ohhhh it must be SO exciting to share it with her now that she gets super excited and is aware of what is happening! love!


  6. EssentiallyJess says:

    Oh I love it! Ava is 2 and 4 months and it’s all very exciting for her too! Actaully while I was opening posts this morning she was leaning over the iPad to see the pic I put of Santa on my blog. Was very cute.

  7. Mandie says:

    Gorgeous!! You have pretty much described how our Christmas is shaping up this year – our just-turned-3 year old has also “got” it. She’s so excited. She’s just not that into Santa, though. In her words – “I don’t like Santa to talk to, but I like to watch him”. (Creepy or cute – not sure…?)

  8. our christmas has traveled on a similar path
    i look back on the photos of PJ’s first christmas and seriously – with a baby and a toddler hanging off me, i look more like a zombie than anything else
    i can barely remember that christmas – the haze was thick that year!
    it gets better, and crazier!

  9. Zanni Arnot says:

    At my wedding, my uncle got up to make a speech. His words were: “I am so pleased you are getting married. We need children to bring Christmas back to life again.” Oh the pressure. But it’s true. Children make Christmas.

  10. A trampoline? Very cool. I think trying to picture how Santa managed to fit it in his sleigh makes the gift even more magical.

  11. This year I am excited because Miss 4 finally gets it all and there is a suprise and build up for her! I can’t wait! One of my favourite times of the year!

  12. iwollongong says:

    Christmas gets better every year as they grow and you develop traditions. I love this time of the year!

  13. becc03 says:

    I’ve always loved Xmas. The fact that JT (3) shares my love is a big bonus! You will have so much fun with it from here on. Welcome to the conscious!
    Becc via #ibot

  14. G was 2 last Christmas so while she recognised Santa and Christmas trees she wasn’t as excited about as she is this year! We have her b’day this weekend so we’re holding off on the Tree and decorations until that’s out the way. Your little one sounds delightful! xx

  15. Jodi says:

    Miss Z is nearly 2.5 and kind of gets it. She screamed on the weekend when we tried to get Santa photos, so she missed out, but as hubby lead her away from the “Fat Man”, she pointed to Santa and said “present”. So I think she has a small idea. Maybe next year! Master 1 is only 1 and has no idea, he will be happy to play with wrapping paper! 🙂

  16. parentalparody says:

    Insanely jealous. Our trampoline only holds 80kg. Which means it’s always up to me to get on with the kids and take one for the team while #1Hubby sits back and smirks. Clearly we need to upgrade.

  17. parentalparody says:

    So bloody jealous. Our trampoline only holds 80kg. Which means it’s always me who has to get on with the kids and take one for the team while #1Hubby sits back smirking. Clearly it’s time for us to upgrade.

  18. Mel says:

    So much fun when they are little. My older ones who no longer believe in Santa, love playing with the two little ones almost 3 and 17 months – It has brought the magic back, Enjoy, coming from IBOT

  19. It’s our first conscious Christmas too!!! It’s so exciting when you get to experience Christmas through your children’s perspective.

  20. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions says:

    I’m really interested to see what Mia thinks of Christmas this year. Last year she was 4 weeks old so to say she had zero interest is in understatement! This year she will be 13 months, and I know she will enjoy ripping apart wrapping paper, if her birthday was anything to go by, but beyond that, I don’t know how much she will really care. She likes to touch the ornaments on my Mum’s tree which means that after Dave’s birthday today I will be putting up a little fibre optic Christmas tree on the bar where curious little fingers can’t reach it or climb to it! I can’t wait till she understands it all though, it’s gonna be so fun!

  21. Angela East says:

    Totally feeling you on the trip with family! My little guy is 13 months…has only just started to sleep better. What are we doing this Christmas? Going to the grandparents, where there is a total of 17 ADULTS staying and 7 CHILDREN. In a super hot, small house. I wanted to get accommodation. It was shot down. *sigh* dreading the no sleep thing…here’s hoping next year for us will be a bit like yours!

  22. Kelly HTandT says:

    First Christmas J was only 6months old and had no idea. Second Christmas he was 18 months old, had no idea, and slept in for THE FIRST TIME EVER. Third Christmas, J was 2 1/2 and excited and totally into it, but H was only 9 months old and rarely slept and wouldn’t go to anyone else but Mummy so the excitement was lost. Fourth Christmas both of the boys were into it but I was heavily pregnant and over tired and even fell asleep putting up the Christmas tree. This year, the boys are so into the Christmas hype they’re practically vomiting tinsel, but babygirl just thinks those shiny decorations are more things she can eat. Moral of the story, when you’re a baby factory, Christmas is ALWAYS work. But fun. I do love it.

  23. Carly says:

    This will be Miss 3’s first ‘real’ Christmas too. Such an exciting time.
    Last year she understood, but living in a Muslim country means Christmas is a little understated and we are far from family friends. But this year we are heading home to Australia, I can’t wait to envelope my little girl in everything Christmas!!!

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