Caught My Eye Friday – A good swear and ribs to go

If there’s any accuracy at all in due date predictions, we are exactly 4 weeks away from ‘go live’, personally a day or two later would suit me, a weekend birth would be much easier. I expect my wife, who is now ‘WELL OVER’ carrying the next Illiterate Infant around is probably doesn’t share my attitude and would rather have it NOW.

What not to say to a SAHM.

I’m guilty of being a little over the whole stay at home versus working parent debate. It’s been a while since anyone has thrown a new perspective on it and it normally turns into a “you just don’t understand” from both sides. With this in mind I have no idea what made me click on Stay at home Moms: what you should never say to them! What I read was well written, a bit funny and a great reminder about my wife’s life when I walks out the door each morning. My conclusion is there there are no winners, or losers… everyone’s making a compromise… oh and keep your opinions to yourself!

The this-bird-is-funny! award

Seriously, Kelley over at is funny. Like piss-funny. And swears well, very well. I stumbled over her blog the other day and the more I read the more I realised that there are some people out there that don’t just have something interesting to say, but a style that makes you want to read more and more and more (Obvious blog crush brewing). Sure Kelley seems to enjoy a good swear so if your sensitive to that, you might need to squint a few times but I really enjoyed a fresh, raw, honest and bullshit-free perspective. If you haven’t already – check her out (and check out my favourite about me page ever). Danielle is on twitter and Facebook

…and the this-bird-is-right award

My other find was Danielle over at who did an awesome post about marriage. No fluff, no “birds suddenly appearing” but a couple of hundred words about the fact that marriage is hard “I don’t mean hard work like Sudoku, I mean hard work like Burma Railway.”   She’s not trashing marriage, just saying it a long haul game and at some point you need to get over yourself and work at your marriage like you want it. And like Kelley, the more I read of her site the more I decided to come back – ribs anyone!! Danielle is on Facebook and youtube.

Apologies to award recipients and my two readers if they are offended with the phrase ‘bird’ – I’m going through a ‘London geezer’ stage at the moment- it should pass.

Tis all for now – Sharing with Grace because she’s awesome.

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20 Responses to Caught My Eye Friday – A good swear and ribs to go

  1. Is that baby really that close?
    Squeeeeeeeeee (that’s me squealing in delight and anticipation)
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. Zanni Arnot says:

    Hi Kev. You never disappoint do you? Love Danielle already. Prepared to love Kelley. Awesome blog. Hope all goes well with bubby number 2!

  3. Thanks for the love! I love this sharing cool shit idea!!
    I’m down with bird… Bird is cool.
    Thanks, geez x

  4. kirstyrussell75 says:

    I’ve loved Kelley for a long time – she does have a way with words and her posts have been known to make me snort at breakfast! I read Danielle’s post this week too and was also impressed with her blog. Just need to somehow create some more time in my life to accommodate all this blog reading…good luck with the impending birth Kevin!

  5. 4 weeks till D-Day! How bloody exciting! Don’t worry, as I’m sure you know from previous experience this bub will come when you least expect it!

    LOVE Magneto Bold Too, has been one of my blog crushes for a couple years now. Never read Danielle but if she’s recommended by the mighty Kev then I must stop by and check her out!

    Happy Friday!

  6. mumabulous says:

    Yes – the stay at home vs paid workforce Mum debate is getting tiresome. No matter what you do, involves large compromises. And yes Keeping UP With The Holsbys is an intelligent and entertaining read. Well played Kev.
    PS: My heart goes out to Mrs II – the business end of a pregnancy is tough, tough going.

  7. I follow Kelly and Danielle already and love your use of the word ‘bird’!
    4 weeks eh? you know statistically speaking second babies are more likely to arrive early? Cerys was born 10 days before her DD. Just saying.. 🙂

  8. Now THIS is the kind of adoration I like when I get home from the coal mines. A day of dealing with arsehats at work and getting called a bird and a blog crush all at once? Fabulous!

    Thanks Kevin. You made my day.

  9. EssentiallyJess says:

    I haven’t read enough of Kelley’s stuff. I just drop in occasionally. Maybe I need to have another look

  10. Gotta love it when someone makes you laugh your ass off. Wow just four weeks to go – I bet you’re wife is just HANGING to drop that bundle. I haven’t stumbled across Kelley, but Danielle is one chick that I can relate to, we both have an honest, crude and funny approach to parenting! Emily

    • Rachel says:

      I am late to this party I know but if you haven’t already checked out the Divine Ms Magneto then you should. Blog crush material? Definitely.

      • Kevin says:

        Party is 24 hours – you’re never late. Well really it goes from about 8pm when Miss 2.5 goes to sleep till about 11pm because I am too old to handle going to bad late, but your welcome to turn up anytime between those hours.

        Ms Magneto – been there, done that – loved it.

  11. iSophie says:

    You are definitely at the business end of this pregnancy gig. I hope you are being -extra- nice and loving.. and helpful, and always admitting that you are wrong (over everything, even if you are not).

  12. mamagrace71 says:

    Kelley is hilarious! And you have me all intrigued about Danielle’s post! Off to read it! Thanks for the tips, Kev!

  13. Rita Azar says:

    I absolutely loved that post on marriage.

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