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It’s “guess the baby stats” time

I suspect the hope that Mrs II has that the latest twinge is a signal of labour starting has nothing to do with wanting to gently stroke her new borns forehead, to hold the wrapped infant as it nuzzles her … Continue reading

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Caught my eye Friday – Wisdom, Rhyming and Relativity

It’s been a big week. Little Miss 2.5 showed exceptional bravery on Wednesday when she went under a general anesthetic and Mrs II held it together really well (until your’s truly got a mild eye irritation). Not sure if anyone … Continue reading

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It’s ok to be scared

Miss 2.5 is indestructible. From as early as I can remember, whenever she’s hurt herself I’ve said “It’s ok sweet, dust yourself off” and she does. I’ve had strangers in parks comment on her robustness as she dongs her head on … Continue reading

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Mums on Dads Guest Post – Dads in Labour

I’ve got the best china out for today’s Mums on Dads guest poster. She’s a writer, blogger and mother of two. In her free time she writes a humorous and honest blog about the challenges of modern motherhood. Rumour has it … Continue reading

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Caught My Eye Friday – honest, awesome and anti-women

2 weeks to go… tick, tick, tick. As Mrs II starts to slow down, it seems her mind speeds up as she looks around a house full of unfinished tasks and wonders if they’ll get done before the big day. … Continue reading

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My (very) pregnant valentine

2 weeks to go (roughly) 2 weeks until you swap the pain in your back and cramping for the muddled fog of sleep deprivation that will come from a helpless, hungry new-born sleeping beside us. Which is why I’m proposing … Continue reading

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Settling your baby

How to settle your baby So you’ve probably found this page after frantically searching the internet to find out why your baby is not sleeping, why it seems to hate sleep and why you are powerless to do anything about … Continue reading

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Where’s my Millions?

Last weekend I crossed a boundary. I blurred the line between my tall, dark and deep voiced blogging persona and my not so tall, far from dark and slightly high pitched real life self. The line was blurred (somewhat more … Continue reading

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How new-born fit are you?

As some of you may have noted on the weekend, I confirmed our new Illiterate Infants arrival in about 4 weeks. Thanks to all those friendly readers who quickly advised me of their 36 week pregnancies. What I may have … Continue reading

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