Caught my eye Friday – Wisdom, Rhyming and Relativity

It’s been a big week. Little Miss 2.5 showed exceptional bravery on Wednesday when she went under a general anesthetic and Mrs II held it together really well (until your’s truly got a mild eye irritation). Not sure if anyone has been to Royal North Shore in Sydney lately but the nurses, doctors and orderlies do an amazing job making little people and their parents feel at ease. They deserve much praise.

An awesome letter

Julianna W. Miner

Julianna W. Miner

I’m not 40 yet but when I get there I’d be happy if I was able to impart a tenth of the wisdom in this article written by Julianna Miner. The article is full of pearls pearls of wisdom like;

  • Drama goes where drama’s welcome and Pain goes where pain’s welcome
  • I have never regretted a single time that I kept my mouth shut, got my crazy under control, and didn’t lose my schmidt.  But I regret every, single time I ever yelled at someone.

Can’t quite say much more than this chick has it together enough to realise that she doesn’t know everything (but knows enough). I’m plagiarising the bollocks out of this in a few years for my kids.

…and a poem (that rhymes)

undeserved blessings

undeserved blessings

So I’m a simple guy, with simple pleasures and simple ideas. Craft, fashion and anything poetic, be it high brow or haiku, is usually over my head… and unread (rhyme #1). For some reason I purposely clicked on’s  “Why I don’t love you: a poem” and with fingers crossed that I wouldn’t have to try to hard to understanda her stanzas (and there’s #2) there it was, 20 lines of golden rhymes (boom – #3). I was pleased to see someone had managed to get “shiny phone” and “scream and moan” in poetic form but was then over the moon when I read “Mum, I’ve done a poo” included for good measure.

On a serious note, as is the way when wandering around the parent blogging community, once you start poking around someone else’s site you often become amazed by the honest, candid writing you find. Lisa posts about miscarriage and infertility,  and has a brave guest post about PND. If that’s all a bit too heavy for you, she has a recipe for pork belly that I’m making this weekend (assuming one of us isn’t in labour). Lisa’s blog is defintely worth a look around. She’s on twitter and Facebook

And a post at just the right time

In my head I had a bit of  life happening this week but after reading this great post from Trish over at mylittledrummerboys I got the “pull-yourself-together-and-be-thankful-you-dick” that I needed, to be the Dad I needed to be. Apart from hosting a great little Worldless Wednesday linkup Trish has a way of consistently putting some relativity around what’s going on for me and how I handle it. It’s unlikely that if your reading this, you haven’t been to Trish’s blog but if not, pop in, you never know what you’ll find.

Trish is on Facebook and twitter

If Mr/Miss 0.9 can follow a project plan, I may not be in a position to post what caught my eye next Friday. Fingers crossed (I’m sure Mrs II is dead keen for any suggestions about how to speed up the onset of labour right now).

Anything caught your eye? Got a 20 words or less bit of wisdom you would put into a letter for your kids? Where do you get your “relativity” from?

As always, getting my flog on with the the ever popular Grace from

Happy Friday

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24 Responses to Caught my eye Friday – Wisdom, Rhyming and Relativity

  1. “Drama goes where drama is welcome”. I am so using that ….

  2. Danya Banya says:

    Just read Julienne Miner’s letter – how awesome is it!! So many quotable points. Good luck with the impending big day!

  3. “Drama goes where drama is welcome” has really caught my eye. I’m going to remember that and repeat this to my girls if/when high school turns out to be the same as I remember. Thanks and good luck for the safe arrival of Ililterate V0.9 x

  4. Love “Drama goes where drama is welcome”. I’m going to remember that when my teenage girls come home crying from school.
    Best of luck for the safe arrival of Illiterate V0.9.
    Cheers, Amanda

  5. I am so going to have to read that whole letter if the two pearls you posted are anything to go by. What would I say to Mia? “Sometimes life is hard and life isn’t fair. But what makes the difference is how you choose to deal with it”.

    I spent pretty much the last two weeks of being pregnant sitting on nothing but a fit ball. It’s not the most comfortable, and sometimes you need a break to flop on the lounge, but there is no better thing for getting pressure on that cervix than sitting on one of those. And acupuncture.

    Good luck, I hope bubs comes sooner rather than later!

    • Kevin says:

      Cheers Kylz. It’s a seriously good read – I was surprised how much of it rang true.

      I’ll suggest the fit ball – we’ve got one lying around that hasn’t been used for fitness purposes for a long time.

  6. Curry, walking and pineapple 🙂 Hope that helps lol. Good luck to you all, a great post as always and thanks for the heads up on some great new Blogs to read 🙂

  7. Trish MLDB says:

    I was a registered nurse and countless times I had eye irritations taking kiddos to the operating theatre when i caught a look at the parents (more than the kids), who also had eye irritations.
    Best of luck for the impending arrival of II #2 .
    Thanks for the mention.

  8. Great post and I’ll be popping over to read a few of those lines of verse… or worse..

    A teacher at school says: ‘There are many opportunities in life for saying nothing, and each should be grasped.’

    Was thinking that this morning as I wrangled the twins out of the door, my little lass is being a monster this week. Loved Trish’s words too.

    • Kevin says:

      I like that teachers quote and will steal it willingly 😉

      …and your witty insightful quote has been found. WordPress tends to assume anyone it hasn’t sen before is a spamming, virus wielding blog terrorist.

  9. I love Trish, she has humbled me many times with her courage and dignity. She was also the first ever blogger to share one of my posts and for that I will be eternally grateful.

    Fit ball, acupuncture, and nipple stimulation all very effective… er, to induce labour that is…

  10. daddownunder says:

    You do an outstanding job of heaping praise on some deserving types, I hope your getting yours too Kev. I would love to have you grace my my blog sometime if and when your life allows it. Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Yep Trish is a special soul alright and inspires me to be happier with my lot everyday! Glad you daughter went okay – was someone able to be there when she woke up? Em

  12. I love this segment- and love that letter. My advice is don’t do anything to bring on labour- because as uncomfortable as pregnancy is – there’s no rest when that baby arrives!

  13. kirstyrussell75 says:

    Good choices – I read Lisa’s poem too and secretly enjoyed the rhyme with poo too! Good luck with the imminent arrival Kev!

  14. robomum says:

    Nice one. I like finding a good quote like that to mix things up a little. Best of luck with bubs – any day now. 🙂

  15. mamagrace71 says:

    No real pearls of wisdom from me. Just be kind to others. Plant a tree wherever you go, cause you never know when you’re gonna need that shade.
    Love Trish to pieces.
    Hope you’re little Miss is okay x

  16. Kelly HTandT says:

    After I read this post, I was walking around all arrogant, like “I never regret NOT keeping my mouth shut! I’ll say whatever the hell I want!” But then I thought about it. And I changed my mind. I have BIG mouth. I need to learn to tame it, I floss with shoelaces far too often.

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