We have a winner!

Our big bundle of lovely

Our big bundle of lovely

From the reactions of mothers who have been informed of our newest addition’s birth statistics, it seems that there should be two Illiterate Infant Baby Stats guessing competition awards .

The first should obviously go to the closest guesser. The person who managed to use some combination of science, gut feel, tea leaves or coin flipping to come up with the numbers closest to reality. Apparently, a second is needed for Mrs Illiterate Infant due to their magnitude!!!

This means that if any of you guessed little, please accept Mrs II’s thanks for your optimism but unfortunately – you’re out!

For those of you that went for short and fat, say around 3.9kg’s but less than 53 cm – your out too. And for the huge majority of you who  kindly kept their guesses below the 4kg mark, again Mrs II thanks you for the sisterly support but alas – you’re out too.

“Enough talk!” you say… “Who won?” you ask…

Well I should start by explaining that I made these rules up as I went along so if you disagree with the method feel free to make your dissatisfaction known in the comments. To win you had to get the length exactly right and then the closest to the weight gets the “prize”.

So firstly – the length. Miss II ver 2.0 came in at 53 cm long- not a bad length and at the top of the your predictions. The entries I received who guessed the right length were;

Well done ladies for getting this far but, there can only be one winner (when did I become the MC for Australia’s got talent?)  To pick said winner, I went for the person who got closest to Miss II version 2.0’s weight which came in at…. 4.23kg!! Now I won’t go into the birth, instead I’ll save it for a birth story post but let’s just say that despite the numbers, Mrs II was awe-inspiring. I was humbled.

So the person with a guess closest to the weight was… Jess from essentiallyjess.com that predicted a birth weight of 4.078kg. Well done Jess, who wins something that I am yet to think of but I am sure will be awesome. In the mean time, if you haven’t already, check out Jess’s blog and while you’re there pop in on the other ‘Finalists’.

Thanks to everyone that joined in and had a guess and to all the people that sent their kind thoughts through this blog and the Illiterate Infant Facebook page. It’s been fun sharing the journey with you all.

So how did our numbers stack up? Bigger or smaller than you? Do you think the numbers make that much difference or is it all psychological? (asked by a Dad form the safety of a keyboard) What’s the biggest or longest you’ve heard of?

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7 Responses to We have a winner!

  1. 4.23 is huge!!! Your wife is an absolute super star!
    Boatman, of course, would say that because she is under 55cm she’s a throw back (55cm being the legal size of a barramundi), but all our kids were under and I managed to convince him to keep them, so I think you should be safe 🙂

  2. iSophie says:

    Omg Kev!!.. I was nearly there at 4.14kg! 51cms.

    That was a BIG baby. All mine were massive babies too, ouch!

  3. Zanni Arnot says:

    That’s nearly as big as my first 🙂 Your wife is a super star. Congratulations to you both (and Jess of course 🙂 )

  4. Kelly HTandT says:

    Boooo! Should have been my mofo prize!
    Not happy Jan.
    Congrats Jess.

  5. brucedevereaux says:

    Not many could make a big baby blog bring out chuckles instead of tears. Well done 🙂 On having such a lovely, big girl too 🙂

  6. Oh well done to Mrs II. Yes, I’m a mummy of two big Bubbas too.My first was 4.31kgs and my second was 4.25. I joke that she really is my little girl lol.

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