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My advice to new Dads: Sing.

Last night my first Illiterate Infant and I started a new book. There I was, snuggled under the butterfly quilt reading about the structural implications of a poor choice in housing materials, seamlessly  switching between my impression of a big … Continue reading

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Theory of Parental Panic

I’m a bit of a nerd. Hold on, before you say anything…I know I may give the impression of a rugged, suave, confident man-about-town daddy blogger but by day I am far more ordinary,  doing stuff with computers and numbers … Continue reading

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…Bloody Kids

Making me wake up every hour to settle you when just the other day you had me convinced that you were sleeping through… bloody kids Running off from me in the supermarket and making me do the dad-trying-to-be-casual-but-really-sprinting thing to … Continue reading

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Sleeping like a husband… and other perks of the working Dad

Hellooooooooooo sleep! Yes, my dear friends sleepy and bobo are back in the house and I am welcoming them with open arms. The fog is clearing as I swap 40 minute cat naps for solid bouts of sleep. Deep, peaceful sleep! … Continue reading

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Growing up your blog – finding the right help

This week I’m talking about the next step of the WordPress self hosting journey; when you decide to actually do it. There’s also a great deal at the end of this post for anyone that’s considering going self hosted. If … Continue reading

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Meggings, Mantyhose and other catastrophes

The other day I sat down on the bus next to Daryl Somers. Well it wasn’t actually Daryl but I’d bet 5 Saturday nights of baby sitting that it was his woollen jumper. Passing it off as a case of … Continue reading

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A 34.5cm head! My Mothers Day guest post

This week, I’m posting over at Aussie Daddy Bloggers as part the inaugural Mothers Day Challenge. You’ll read a lot of Mother’s Day posts over the next few days that talk about gentle mothers, loving mothers, caring mothers. Why not … Continue reading

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Caught My Eye Friday – Sexy Dads & Lounging Ladies

Sexy Dads With all the fuss about Gwyneth’s miracle argument cure (well played Matt from DadDownUnder), Mariah Carey shutting down Disneyland to renew her vows and the fact that double denim is now allowed (closest I’ll ever get to fashion blogging), … Continue reading

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Picking my battles

Pat… pat… pat… f#$%&g pat… pat… pat… f#$%&g pat… The red digits on the clock have just changed for the 84th time. That’s one hour and twenty four minutes that I have sat beside the cradle patting my 7 week old … Continue reading

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