Caught My Eye Friday – Sexy Dads & Lounging Ladies

Sexy Dads

With all the fuss about Gwyneth’s miracle argument cure (well played Matt from DadDownUnder), Mariah Carey shutting down Disneyland to renew her vows and the fact that double denim is now allowed (closest I’ll ever get to fashion blogging), you may have missed the news about an amazing piece of research on Dads with newborns.

Note sexy model-style air kissing

Note sexy model-style air kissing

Apparently, I’m sexier now that I was 7 weeks ago. Well to be more accurate, the research shows that following the recent birth of my child I now rate myself as more sexy than before. Personally I didn’t need the research to know my “sexy quotient” has risen dramatically; the come-to-bed-bags under my eyes, the deep, husky cough I’m developing from lack of sleep and the increasing amount of product being used to tame my long-overdue-for-a-trip-to-the-barber hair all add up to a high degree of phwooooar! (feel free to jump straight to the end and comment on how you love a man that looks like he hasn’t slept in 2 months).

Apparently it’s not the same for Mum’s of newborns though. Even though the positive feedback from others causes a small degree of lift in their own self image, tiredness and a body that’s been turned into a temporary milkbar tend to counter this effect.

So – did you feel sexy after the birth? Did your partner look sexier to you or did he look about the same (but with an inflated opinion of himself?)

Ladies who lounge

the loungeYou may or may not have heard that there’s a new linkup on Thursdays called The Lounge. Basically it’s a bunch of very clever, funny birds that have got together to run a rotating link up. There’s a weekly theme that you can write a new post for or dig something out of your archives.

The lounge lizards (as they like to call themselves) are described in hilarious detail here. If you’re after another place to get-your-blog-on then add these guys to your weekly routine. Otherwise just check in occasionally and catch up on some great posts.

The best-blogger-you-may-not-have-heard-of award

rory2I met Rory from memoirsofthemind a few months ago when he did a guest post for Aussie Daddy Bloggers. If you haven’t read it, I’ll just say it involves little children, a Dad, a poo incident and a disabled toilet – check it out when you need a laugh.

Rory is a great writer, his blog covers everything from Easter Bunny phobias to being outsmarted by his kids and everything in between. If you get a chance, pop in to see Rory and say hi (tell him Sexy Kev sent you). You can follow Rory on twitter on on his Facebook page.

Lastly, a quick shout out to Reservoir Dad who won the personal/parenting category in the Australian writers’ centre Best Australian Blogs 2013. This is a huge achievement and a testament to good writing and blogging – well done Clint, much deserved.

Sharing with Grace at withsomegrace because she rolled over this morning and helped me out.

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13 Responses to Caught My Eye Friday – Sexy Dads & Lounging Ladies

  1. Wow. You do a great bloggy round-up.
    Happy Friday!

  2. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Lounge…cheers

  3. It’s been almost 22 years since I had a newborn (and a toddler), but I’m pretty sure I didn’t look or feel sexy. I was probably more akin to a sloth. Tired and slow.
    I’ll be sure to check out The Lounge, and Memoirs of the Mind. It’s always great to find interesting and entertaining blogs I haven’t visited before. I need more reasons to procrastinate, especially on a Friday. Cheers!

  4. Emily says:

    I’m in that newborn phase too! My husband would probably seem more sexy to me if I’d had more sleep and therefore had any ability to actually measure another human being’s sexiness. He would also seem more sexy to me if he was able to breastfeed and I could therefore get some more sleep myself. Or maybe not… I think I just grossed myself out.
    Loving the Lounge already, and thanks for the Rory recommendation.

  5. I must admit, my husband did seem sexier to me in those first few weeks post birth, possibly because I was so sleep-deprived I was delusional, but I’m sure it was really because I couldn’t believe how amazing he was as a father and how much he helped me through the entire ordeal.

    I’ve been following Rory on facebook but haven’t had a chance to read a lot of his stuff. Going to remedy that quick smart!

    And I love the lounge! And the lizards that go with it!

  6. Kelly HTandT says:

    Feel sexy after birth? I felt a lot of things but sexy was NOT one of them! I do think that there’s something about a man with his newborn child that’s a bit sexy though. I wouldn’t call his sleep-deprived and challenged state inflated though.
    Yeah, Rory’s pretty cool. Not as cool as you though.

  7. Rachel says:

    Thanks Kev, and thanks even more for being the first bloke in The Lounge! You beat Tackle Nappy by a smidge. I’m not familiar with Rory, but will definitely wander over there and check him out.
    Love your work and the bags just add character 😉

  8. Tegan says:

    Thanks for joining us at The Lounge. We loved having everyone!

  9. so men look sexy but us sleep deprived Mums look like we could need another 10 hours sleep. Yeah that sounds about right 🙂
    I have heard that Men can pick up women easier when they have a baby with them!!! Hoping that is single men who have borrowed a baby for that very reason!!!

    Never heard of the Lounge before – sounds interesting.

    Love that Dad’s are now blogging – good to read their parenting views.

  10. Thanks for that round up Kevin! I’m thinking any father of a newborn is sexy if he picks the aforementioned child up and settles it without being asked! I am qualified to know this after 4 children… the last three fathered by such a guy. *Phew*

  11. mamagrace71 says:

    Did I feel sexy after birth??? Are you serious???
    I had no feelings in my legs, although I thought they looked like 2 bits of warm squishy rolled up dough (The wonderous after affects of an epidural).
    And for some bizarre reason, I had my photo taken with my parents and my MIL smiling away like nothing had happened!!!
    Thanks for mentioning Rory! Will have to go check him out!

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