A Fantasy Fathers Day – With Aviator Glasses

I’m delighted to have been asked, along with 9 other fellow Aussie Daddy Bloggers
to take part in a Fantasy Fathers day Challenge where one of us can WIN a day out courtesy of

Here’s the thing though, you can WIN a monthly magazine subscription courtesy of us, the Aussie Daddy Bloggers.
All the details are below.

Here is my entry for the Fantasy Fathers Day Competition


Val Kilmer doing his best Kev impression

The sun is shining; my second coffee has just been handed to me along with a hot bacon and egg roll dripping with BBQ sauce. My three year old has made several friends in the park and has forgotten, just for a moment that I’m there and was supposed to push her on the swing. My 6 month old is asleep. Oh – and there’s a fighter jet reflecting in my aviator sunglasses

The lads over at Magshop asked me to jot down a few notes on my Fantasy Fathers Day. This is a difficult one because I don’t have much of a benchmark. You see my first fathers days was a murky blur as my 30ish old body realised that a 48 hour drinking bender had nothing on trying to settle a three month old… for three months.

By my second fathers day I had a walker. My wife attempted to put on a breakfast at a beach side café but this quickly descended into me diving athletically around the café trying to stop Miss Velcro hands from grabbing food of the other diner’s plates. (Next time we’ll try and book the high chair earlier).

I’m not sure about you but being a Dad to young kids has meant I have temporarily scaled back my dreams. My desire for something red, convertible and European has been swapped for 30 minutes to myself in something Swedish and wagon-sized. The picturesque beach in some far off, slightly dangerous land has been swapped for a need to find toddler sized water slides and extra rooms for the in-laws.

So the Mag Shop’s offer to think big is an opportunity to reverse the scaling back. To forget about the patting to sleep, the need to for child friendly menus and brightly coloured kid-safe playgrounds. So for me it’s easy. It’s got to be fast, loud and ideally a few thousand meters in the air. It’s got to involve manly, dark green onsies with zips and it has got to give me an excuse to wear the dress up aviator glasses I’ve got sitting in my bed side table.

And while I’m up-scaling, the red European is sitting on the asphalt waiting to deliver me back home (and this is off the chart in the fantasy stakes) to my sleeping  6 month old, quietly seated three year old and hot cup of good coffee.

Happy Fathers Day from the Illiterate Household.

Thanks for reading and now it’s up to you to decide who will win the Fantasy Fathers day prize.

That’s all happening over on the Fantasy Father’s Day Competition page where you can Vote and Share your favorite, hopefully me!

Remember to vote each day for your favorite.

click on this link to check out the other entries and also to Vote and Share your favorite!
Magshop Fantasy Father’s Day Voting Page

Also, here’s where you get the chance to Win. Just answer the simple question below and go into the draw to WIN a Magshop Magazine subscription from us
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8 Responses to A Fantasy Fathers Day – With Aviator Glasses

  1. kirstyrussell75 says:

    Aviator glasses and a jet reflected in them with sleeping and occupied children – I think that’s pretty much everyone’s dream! May this Father’s Day over-deliver for you Kevin!

  2. Kev! I have you’re dream right here! I live beside the RAAF Base, so there is your fighter jet. There is a park down the road that is fenced in and kid safe, directly across from the runway, and there is a cafe that makes ridiculously hot coffee! The only thing I can’t do is the red European, but with enough notice I could probably do a red Japanese! So, are you coming out my way for Father’s Day? Lol!

    Glad to see a new post, I was beginning to worry about you!

  3. Mumabulous says:

    Hey Kev, you can be my wing man any time ;-). Actually this sounds like Dadabs Father’s Day fantasy too only he’d look a right knob in aviators.

  4. Here here Ky I was wondering where you had been hiding?! IRL super crazy here too!
    LOVE Iceman, and the way he totally owned that chewing gum. Have a great Father’s Day – and just saw 1001 amazing people follow you – I’m proud to be one of them! x

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