Meggings, Mantyhose and other catastrophes

Daryl Somers Fashion

Not Daryl Somers but you get the idea

The other day I sat down on the bus next to Daryl Somers. Well it wasn’t actually Daryl but I’d bet 5 Saturday nights of baby sitting that it was his woollen jumper. Passing it off as a case of ironic-hipster-fashion gone too far I thought little more of it until, while walking to work, I noticed several more younger males wearing mutli-coloured woollen jumpers moving their way around the city (collectively known as a Cosby prehaps?) Continue reading

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A 34.5cm head! My Mothers Day guest post

Aussie Daddy BloggersThis week, I’m posting over at Aussie Daddy Bloggers as part the inaugural Mothers Day Challenge.

You’ll read a lot of Mother’s Day posts over the next few days that talk about gentle mothers, loving mothers, caring mothers. Why not pop over and check out what I’ve got to say about gutsy, super-human mothers who take part in the process that is child birth.

While your there check out some of the other entries and let the rest of the Aussie Daddy Bloggers know what you think.

Normal transmission will resume next week.

Over-sharing my Tuesday with Jess over at for IBOT

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Caught My Eye Friday – Sexy Dads & Lounging Ladies

Sexy Dads

With all the fuss about Gwyneth’s miracle argument cure (well played Matt from DadDownUnder), Mariah Carey shutting down Disneyland to renew her vows and the fact that double denim is now allowed (closest I’ll ever get to fashion blogging), you may have missed the news about an amazing piece of research on Dads with newborns.

Note sexy model-style air kissing

Note sexy model-style air kissing

Apparently, I’m sexier now that I was 7 weeks ago. Well to be more accurate, the research shows that following the recent birth of my child I now rate myself as more sexy than before. Personally I didn’t need the research to know my “sexy quotient” has risen dramatically; the come-to-bed-bags under my eyes, the deep, husky cough I’m developing from lack of sleep and the increasing amount of product being used to tame my long-overdue-for-a-trip-to-the-barber hair all add up to a high degree of phwooooar! (feel free to jump straight to the end and comment on how you love a man that looks like he hasn’t slept in 2 months).

Apparently it’s not the same for Mum’s of newborns though. Even though the positive feedback from others causes a small degree of lift in their own self image, tiredness and a body that’s been turned into a temporary milkbar tend to counter this effect.

So – did you feel sexy after the birth? Did your partner look sexier to you or did he look about the same (but with an inflated opinion of himself?)

Ladies who lounge

the loungeYou may or may not have heard that there’s a new linkup on Thursdays called The Lounge. Basically it’s a bunch of very clever, funny birds that have got together to run a rotating link up. There’s a weekly theme that you can write a new post for or dig something out of your archives.

The lounge lizards (as they like to call themselves) are described in hilarious detail here. If you’re after another place to get-your-blog-on then add these guys to your weekly routine. Otherwise just check in occasionally and catch up on some great posts.

The best-blogger-you-may-not-have-heard-of award

rory2I met Rory from memoirsofthemind a few months ago when he did a guest post for Aussie Daddy Bloggers. If you haven’t read it, I’ll just say it involves little children, a Dad, a poo incident and a disabled toilet – check it out when you need a laugh.

Rory is a great writer, his blog covers everything from Easter Bunny phobias to being outsmarted by his kids and everything in between. If you get a chance, pop in to see Rory and say hi (tell him Sexy Kev sent you). You can follow Rory on twitter on on his Facebook page.

Lastly, a quick shout out to Reservoir Dad who won the personal/parenting category in the Australian writers’ centre Best Australian Blogs 2013. This is a huge achievement and a testament to good writing and blogging – well done Clint, much deserved.

Sharing with Grace at withsomegrace because she rolled over this morning and helped me out.

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Picking my battles

Pat… pat… pat… f#$%&g pat… pat… pat… f#$%&g pat…

11-11_DigitalClockThe red digits on the clock have just changed for the 84th time. That’s one hour and twenty four minutes that I have sat beside the cradle patting my 7 week old daughter in an attempt to get her asleep. “Today is the day” I said, because yesterday wasn’t and the day before that sure as $%#@ wasn’t either. Yip, there was no way my daughter wasn’t going to go to sleep in her cradle tonight. No way that I was going to have her fall asleep in my arms on the couch, no way that I was going to cuddle her to sleep again. Continue reading

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Is it time for your blog to grow up?

wordpress logoI’m a blogger. is awesome for a new bloggers. It’s easy to use, looks good, gives you lot’s of detail about what’s going on with your blog and has an enormous, engaged user community which means no matter what you’re trying to do, a simple Google search will give you an answer. has been good to me but I think I’m up for a change.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be blogging about… blogging. Specifically about my journey moving from to (or self hosted WordPress). I’m going to have some help along the way from the lovely people over at Little Hero Hosting who will be helping me out with the move. This posting series is in someways sponsored because they’re providing me a lot of the transfer support in return for me documenting the journey. Continue reading

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I need to ask you something – the message

i-have-to-ask-you-somethingWelcome to part 4 of “I need to ask you something”. An experiment in tandem story telling between Victoria over at Declutterbug versus Captain Sting Pants and me.

To find out the story behind the experiment, as well as previous episodes of the series, go here. Otherwise read on and remember, this is a living story so if you like to see it go in a particular direction, let us know in the comments!

“Feel like a movie ;-)”

…scrawled in loopy, soapy hand writing on the bathroom mirror.

I didn’t even notice it until I got out of the shower and was looked in the mirror to shave. I smiled, thinking back to that day when I took the young girl from IT on level 16 out for the worst date ever.

I was younger, cocky and full of alternatives when I flicked her the email that said “you’re obviously bored, come out with me tonight”. That’s all it took to get her interest and within three or four emails she was in, hook, line and sinker.

I’d planned to use my standard tactic, dinner at the little Italian place where one of the waiters knew my name, then off for a few drinks at the little bar that you could watch people falling out of the pub that did cheap cocktails – perfect people watching to fill awkward gaps if there were any.

A few minutes before 6pm when we were due to meet, I looked out of my window to see dark, angry clouds rolling over the city.I didn’t think much of it as I got up from my desk and headed out to meet her. Standing in the foyer, I played idly with my phone as I waited for you to arrive and saw the first heavy drops of rain start to fall. You turned up looking different, your hair out, glasses off and a hint of perfume. “Come on” I said, “let’s grab a bite to eat, it’s just down the road from here”.

As we dashed towards the restaurant it started to rain. That rain turned to a torrent and within minutes the gutters were overflowing, every bus stop and awning was packed with people caught by the storm. With sodden clothes and soaking hair I pulled her into the restaurant and trying to be as cool as someone with socks foaming with rain can be, and asked “Marco” for my table. Marco looked apologetically at me and denied me a table on a first name basis, waving his hand at restaurant packed with damp business people, sheltering from the rain over bruschetta.

This wasn’t going well. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back, brushing a thick, sodden strand of hair out of her eyes. “Ok – next plan” I said…

After two more restaurants and one little bar that had been closed due to a collapsed roof from the rain we stood, huddled under the awning of the local art-house movie theatre. As dates go I was pulling about a 2 out of 10. I looked over and she was still smiling. She made a joke about whether I “treated all the girls like this” and I smiled. For the last two hours we’d ran through puddles, jumped into taxis and failed to get anywhere to eat or drink but she was still smiling, still able to make light of the situation.

We started to talk, relaxing into each others conversation when she suggested we catch a movie. “It’s dry and they serve alcohol” she said. Out of ideas I agreed and went to buy two tickets to the worst date movie ever made.

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If IKEA made babies…

baby-ikeaImagine, if you will, that you’ve just come home from you favourite swedish, self assembly, furniture megastore. You bring the carton inside, (as well as some coasters, a few pillows and 100 pack of tea light candles) and open it up. You start assembling, your wife watching adoringly as you masterfully work you way around the new piece of furniture without needing to swap any parts around. You come to the legs (or other vital component) and find one is missing.

You re-read the instructions to find that it’s not a mistake. It’s been left out on purpose. Instead there’s a note saying that the leg will be “delivered over the next 12 months in small parts that you will have to assemble without further instruction Lycka till och njut*” Continue reading

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Caught my eye Friday – Big, Brave, Buff and having it all

Welcome to the Dad’d edition. My two readers may note that there was a bit of a Dad focus last week but, there’s been a lot happening that I think is worth telling you about (you’ll need to read on to find out the big news).

Having it all

Having it all

Image courtesy of

Ben Arnott from had an article published at this week about his perspective on “having it all”. Ben talks about the decision to put his career on hold and look after his four kids while his wife returned to work.

What strikes me about Ben’s article is not what’s different (a male being the main care giver) but what’s the same. Ben and his wife both work hard to support their family, making sacrifices in their relationship but all the while realising the need to keep communication lines open and be realistic about what having it all means.

What I (and Ben) would love to know is for you, what exactly is “having it all”. Have you already got it or are you continuously striving? Is it a goal or a hope? If you haven’t already you can check out Ben’s work on his blog, or follow him on twitter or Facebook.

Brave Blogger Award

tacklenappyI like to give this out occasionally. I award it to people who are  honest, who write about something that has obviously caused them pain and yet still have the courage to put it out there for all to read. By doing so they unintentionally help many readers realise that their own secrets might not be so bad or that the pain they may have suffered is shared.

Chubba from did just that with his brave post about his stillborn child. It was one of those posts that as a dad, as a parent, I couldn’t help reacting to. After reading it I gave all my ladies an extra squeeze and became that much more thankful for all I have. Well done Chubba and well done tacklenappy for showing the very real perspective of a Dad going through a really tough experience.

Tacklenappy are stalwarts of the Aussie Parent/Dad blogging scene, they’ve been around for ages (in internet blogging terms) and can be followed on twitter, Facebook and….THE PROJECT the Friday the 18th! Tune in at 6:30pm on channel 10 and check it out and while you’re watching you will also get to meet…

Bruce from

Bruce DThere’s just so much to tell you all. Yes, another member of Australia’s Daddy blogging community will be featured on the Project’s special report on Daddy Bloggers.

I was late to the party and I wanted to know why over 10,000 Facebook friends kept wanting to hear what Bruce had to say. Well, Bruce is funny. Whether he’s talking about his son’s ability to get his head stuck in the bars of his bed or his wife’s misadventures trying to go to the toilet in a bathroom with kids Bruce manages to find a hilarious angle. If you’re looking for a way of giving yourself a smile, check out Bruce’s handywork. You can also keep up with Bruce on Twitter.

But wait… there’s even more!!

rd-nude-ironingIf you’re still with me you are probably wondering where the Buff bit is (see title). Well for all of us not in Adelaide I need to let you know that big bad Reservoir Dad (RD) appeared on the telly today in a special about stay at home dads.

Chances are that you already know RD’s work which means you also know he’s happy to share a lot about himself but, if you haven’t already, I’d recommend that you check out RD’s interviews with people series. Here he asks real people, real questions like how they deal with loneliness and motherhood or being a muslim in Australia. If you’re not already, you can follow RD on Facebook and Twitter.

So, do you keep up with any of these guys? Do daddy bloggers give balance or are they just more of the same parental perspective? Who’s your favourite Daddy Blogger and do we need more or less of them?

I’m sharing all this good news with Grace over at for flog your blog Friday.

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Top 5 reasons I’m glad not to be a mum

Do you really want childrenIt starts with a quiet, insistent licking of lips. I can hear her at the end of the bed. Her head rubbing against the sheets and she moves from side to side, quicker and quicker and then, the first “uh!”. I open my eyes and see a big red 2 at the front of the alarm clock display. “uh….uh….” I can hear her getting agitated now. “uh…UH…waaAAA!”

It’s wrong but I’m annoyed that I am awake. I’ve already done the maths to the minute, calculating how much sleep I have left before I wake up in the morning. I lay there in my frustration as my wife rolls out of bed, puts on her dressing gown and takes our month old baby into the dimly lit lounge room to feed. I roll over, wrap the warm blanket around me and drift back to sleep.

I don’t wake 30 minutes later when my wife comes back in, lays her down to sleep, wrapped up like a tic tac with a face, putting up a bit of  fight before drifting off. I don’t stir as my wife climbs back into bed with one of her ears open for signs of an infant still awake or distressed. I do wake at 6, go out to the lounge room after my hot, long shower and check the diary my wife keeps of feeds;

2:45am: Left breast 15 minutes, right breast 10 minutes

And at that moment, like every other morning since I returned to work I remember my top , number one reason I’m glad I’m not a Mum – breast feeding at ridiculous-O’clock!

A very close second is the actual act of breast feeding. Sure it’s all magical at the start and yes there’s those misty-lensed moments from TV commercials when the mother looks into her daughters eyes as the infant drifts into milk-drunken euphoria… but then the kid goes completely mental, thrashing their head from side to side because the milks not coming quick enough, or too fast or its the wrong flavour etc etc etc.

And its all the time!!! 6, 8 even 10 times per day life stops as you sit and wait for your offspring to feed. Pinned to the lounge as you watch your older, wiser, cleverer, more devious daughter take advantage of the fact you can’t stop her going into the cupboard to pull snacks out, or jump up on the dining table and start tearing up the bank statements you still need to file or going into the babies room and pushing down the tops of the lotion dispensers…

My third reason is the whinging. I’m pretty good at screaming, crying, wailing and howling. The first nine months of my first daughters life conditioned me well but a grizzling new born and a whining 2 3/4 year old is the proverbial “nails down a blackboard”. As a weekend-weeknight dad I leave a peaceful house early in the morning and come home to one girl in the bath and another asleep but I’m all too aware of the chorus of complaints I didn’t have to manage for the entire day.

My fourth reason involves getting stuff done, or not, in a stay-at-home-mum’s case. I’m well known to have an inability to stay still for more then 10 minutes at a time. Every Saturday morning it’s the same “what are we doing today?”, “where are we going”, “can we leave yet”, “lets do a project (but not necessarily finish it)”. My wife on the other hand wakes each morning in the full knowledge that today all she will accomplish is 6 – 8 breastfeeds, managing two whinging kids and maybe, if she’s lucky a load of washing.

My fifth and final reason I am glad to be a Dad, is weeing. Alone. By myself. In a toilet with a closed door. On weekends I have been known to hold on until I can get to shopping centre or to a friends house so I don’t have to stand there, one hand controlling the aim, the other pushing my inquisitive 2-and-three-quarter-year-old’s hand away as she asks “why are you standing up daddy?” “What’s that?”, “What are you holding?”, “Why are your wees yellow?”

So Dad’s what are your top reasons? And Mum’s, what do you think your Dad’s top reasons are?

ps: Thanks to Mrs Illiterate Infant who’s not only been doing the seriously hard yards for the last month but also inspired this post.

Sharing with Jess over at for I Blog on Tuesday

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Caught my eye Friday – Blogging Daddy’s, Swearing Mums

And we’re back… slowly the wheels of normality are starting to turn again. Having twice the amount of daughters and half the amount of sleep is feeling more and more normal.

Daddy Bloggers taking over the world…

“I wanted a resource young dads could relate to” … Mike Catabay with Jacob, 2, and Noah, 7 months. Photo: Nick Cubbin

Please excuse the following shameless self congratulation and promotion but daddy bloggers have made a little bit of a blip in the blogosphere in the last couple of weeks. There’s been comments about daddy bloggers being the next big thing, the next marketeers target and the about to wooed by the corporate world. Although I’m already picking the paint colour on the new family Aston Martin I’m not letting it go to my head! Continue reading

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