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Top 5 reasons I’m glad not to be a mum

It starts with a quiet, insistent licking of lips. I can hear her at the end of the bed. Her head rubbing against the sheets and she moves from side to side, quicker and quicker and then, the first “uh!”. … Continue reading

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Caught My Eye Friday – A good swear and ribs to go

If there’s any accuracy at all in due date predictions, we are exactly 4 weeks away from ‘go live’, personally a day or two later would suit me, a weekend birth would be much easier. I expect my wife, who … Continue reading

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Why I’ve decided not to be James Bond

In typical “stay at home because we’re parents, knackered and a bit boring” style, I was watching a bit of James Bond last Saturday night. I love a hypothetical question (if I won a $100 million, if I was a … Continue reading

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Read me in four months…

Kev, If, through your haze of sleep deprivation and bewilderment you remember to read this when your supposed to, you’ll have recently become the proud father of your second child. By my rough calculations you’ll have just bought said child home from the … Continue reading

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My 3rd Fathers day performance review…

Kevin, attached is the 3rd annual performance review of your role as vice team leader of the illiterate infant household. Core Skills: You have come along way in two-and-a-bit years. We note your ability to change a nappy (both kinds), … Continue reading

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And we said we’d never do it again…

There’s a joke that parents of toddlers the world over are in-on. It’s the one where none of them tell their friends that haven’t had kids yet about the 2 years of sleep deprivation, 12 different types of vomit and … Continue reading

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