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Well done – we made it to three years!

There was a moment, about two and a half years ago when I seriously thought we weren’t going to make it. Life was crazy. To you, sleep was the enemy, as was food (or at least keeping it down), resting, … Continue reading

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Top 5 reasons I’m glad not to be a mum

It starts with a quiet, insistent licking of lips. I can hear her at the end of the bed. Her head rubbing against the sheets and she moves from side to side, quicker and quicker and then, the first “uh!”. … Continue reading

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Newborns are boring

For the aspiring father-to-be the birth of your child represents the culmination of months of effort. Assuming that conception is relatively simple (and spectacular – obviously) you’ve spent the last nine or so months preparing bedrooms, choosing prams, picking names … Continue reading

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Things you forget…

One week in and the Illiterate household is officially in “newborn” mode. We’re alternating between Hallmark card moments and a scene from ER as we deal with each new first: first big sleep, first burp, first milk poo, first throwing … Continue reading

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It’s “guess the baby stats” time

I suspect the hope that Mrs II has that the latest twinge is a signal of labour starting has nothing to do with wanting to gently stroke her new borns forehead, to hold the wrapped infant as it nuzzles her … Continue reading

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Settling your baby

How to settle your baby So you’ve probably found this page after frantically searching the internet to find out why your baby is not sleeping, why it seems to hate sleep and why you are powerless to do anything about … Continue reading

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Burning Pubs, Sacred places and Vaginas

On the 3rd Day of Christmas my Aussie Daddy Bloggers gave to me… a story of vaginas – post pregnancy. You asked, we answer… in the Christmas spirit, a motley crew of Aussie Daddy Bloggers are answering questions from our … Continue reading

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to find out or not to find out…

It’s sitting on our cluttered dining table in a glossy white folder from the clinic, held securely in a sticky-taped envelope marked “gender”. The result is from our 19 week scan and sits there unread, waiting for one of us … Continue reading

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Advice I wished I’d got two years earlier…

So in wandering around the blogosphere over the last few days I came across some common sense. Over at SlightlySuburbanDad there’s a great post about respecting the choices of others. In summary it’s a great response to the the hugely … Continue reading

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