I need to ask you something…

i-have-to-ask-you-somethingIn December 2012, Victoria from Declutterbug versus Captain Stingy Pants contacted me with a challenge. She wanted to put something together written by a man and a woman, two sides of a coin if you will, that told a story that many of us could relate to. The story of how we keep things alive in a relationship a few years in, after kids, after mortgages, after we’ve grown up (a bit).

I jumped at the chance and “I need to ask you something” was born. Part fiction, part theft of other peoples stories, the aim is to entertain ourselves (the writers) and anyone else who interested in the way the parenting team works over time.

The posts swap between blogs so the links below are helpful in keeping up. Thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts on some situations we should cover, send them through.

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