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Caught My Eye Friday – A good swear and ribs to go

If there’s any accuracy at all in due date predictions, we are exactly 4 weeks away from ‘go live’, personally a day or two later would suit me, a weekend birth would be much easier. I expect my wife, who … Continue reading

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Other People’s Kids – What’s the rules?

I’m not a stay at home dad, instead I play the weeknight weekend (WNWE) gig with gusto, throwing myself into the Illiterate family’s life as enthusiastically as possible. There’s been countless pluses; I’ve seen a little person grow in front … Continue reading

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Mums on Dads guest post – My ‘maybe babies’

Meet Beth*, a good friend of mine who could tell many a torrid story about a long haired, Mitsubishi Colt driving, uni student, unmotivated by study but highly motivated about having a good time. I’ve known Beth for over 15 … Continue reading

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Caught me eye Friday – Good girls, Boobgate and blogging bravely

Most Friday mornings I’m up before 6am getting ready to post my weekly caught-my-eye round up on Grace’s Flog your blog Friday. Posting early is like going for a morning run. Once you’ve been out a few times you get … Continue reading

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I want to rock and roll all night – Wordless Wednesday

…. and party every day… I told Mrs Illiterate Infant that we would just be a minute in our favorite electronics store. Miss 2.5 found the drum kit and 20 minutes later… Linking up with my little drummer boys  and twinkle in the … Continue reading

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My first boob post

There comes a time in every mummy bloggers blog that she writes ‘the boob post’ so in the spirit of many ladies before me (apologies Jess, Emily, Kelly, Catherine , Danya for using the search box on your blog to … Continue reading

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Caught my eye Friday – Desperate housewives and doting Dads

Where did Christmas go? How are already halfway through January! Why can’t Stosur win in Australia? These and other questions remain unaswered but there’s still time to let you know what piqued my interest in this weeks caught my eye … Continue reading

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Only 16 years until uni…

My little baby toddler girl is starting daycare this week. Two and a bit years ago, I was sitting on the floor, cramps going up my arm as I reached through bars of her cot trying, in vein to pat her … Continue reading

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Mums on Dads Guest Post – Paedophobia

Welcome to the first entry on the Illiterate Infants “Mums on Dads” guest posting series, where mums get to talk about Dads. What they love, hate, do and don’t understand, want to change and want to keep. Pre-conceptions, mis-conceptions or … Continue reading

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Caught my eye Friday – Blushing and Boo-yeah!

…and we’re back with 2013’s first Caught my eye Friday. By the looks of things most of the blogosphere is well and truly back in the swing. To be honest I was surprised how many of you never got out … Continue reading

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