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Help, I’m turning into a helicopter Dad

It’s hard to look cool and relaxed as your two year old daughter plants her foot to the ground, pushing her scooter even faster down the slope while you struggle to recover from tripping on the footpath as you sprint … Continue reading

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Velcro hands and other catastrophies

To be honest, I’m a bit of celebrity in my house. As a full time salary Dad that’s out of  the house by 7 am and home about 6pm, I tend to get the best of my daughter. In fact … Continue reading

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fat dad, fit dad

It’s a little before 6am, winter, dark and its a Saturday… I’ve been taking the same running route for the last two and a half years, since before our daughter was born. I like the running, it clears my head, … Continue reading

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There’s nothing Star Wars can’t be used to explain


I know it’s a while before Father’s day in Australia but for all the dad’s out there who can’t wait to reveal that they would prefer to rule the galaxy like father and son….

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lead me to the mosh pit….

Playschool – The Review (sort of)… There were no pre-show drinks, sticky carpet, funny smelling cigarettes or even an encore but there was a bit of a light show, a merchandise stand and plenty of screaming. No, we weren’t at … Continue reading

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a day well spent

So two weeks ago we got flanked. Sleep has never been simple, predictable or looked forward to but we’d managed to get to the point where we knew that generally, the post-lunch quiet time would result in at least 40 … Continue reading

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