Caught my eye Friday – Desperate housewives and doting Dads

Where did Christmas go? How are already halfway through January! Why can’t Stosur win in Australia? These and other questions remain unaswered but there’s still time to let you know what piqued my interest in this weeks caught my eye Friday.

Yes he’s a cheat, but…

Liar, drug cheat, humanitarian?

Based on the rumours about his upcoming interview with Oprah, Lance Armstrong cheated and he’s going to come clean. From the start of his downfall I’ve felt that he should get everything that’s coming to him, he broke the rules, profited from it, lied about it and damaged the lives of others.

It’s funny how we (well me, you might not) expect our champions and heroes to be infallible, a perspective that this article explores really well. It discusses the good that Armstrong has done and the fact thay he is very much human, albeit a cheating, lying but giving human (Armstrong’s charity has raised $470 million for people affected by cancer). For me this was a great reminder that life isn’t black and white, there are, as the article says… shades of grey.

A dads letter to his daughter

“I know that at this moment, I fill a big part of your heart with love and as you grow, I hope that it doesn’t shrink too much…”

This post from 3amdad landed in my inbox a few days ago, just when I was getting my head around the fact that my little girl was growing up and that it’s going to be some time before I get to spend another 2 weeks hanging out with her, pretending to be a SAHD.

The letter is touching, honest (see broken leg comment) and a great insight into the fact that a lot of what goes through a Mum’s mind, travels through a Dad’s as well. 3amdad has a great, off-the-wall perspective on kids, family and life. He’s on twitter and Facebook


Kim: Proud recipient of the self declared “desperate housewife” award

Picture this… You read a new blog. You’ve seen their name around a bit, they’ve even commented on something you’ve written so you go and poke your head in, check them out and the more you read the more you realise you should have been reading their blog all the time. Well Kim over at falling face first was this blog for me.

I jumped on there last week and couldn’t stop reading. Whether is was her top 10 reasons to keep a man, her brave honesty or imperfect patience, no matter what the subject, her writing is smart, funny and engaging. Put simply, if you haven’t already done so, read, follow (twitter) and like (Facebook) her.

..and now for some blatent self promotion

I’ve learned a lot in the last 2.5 years, about me, about personal strengths, about resourcefulness and that getting it “right” comes from a combination of open mindedness and trusting in your own judgement. I’ve also discovered, through my little part of the blogosphere, a community of Mums and Dads that between them can solve pretty much any issue a new parent comes up against.

With a second child on the way I want to combine my own experience with the advice of others which is where (I hope) you, my two readers come in to the equation. I want to know your one trick. The thing you figured out about your newborn that made life easier. It could be the magic settling trick, the way you planned your day, the routine you did (or didn’t) use, how you got solids started, they way you wrapped them etc etc etc.

I’m collecting reader’s tricks on the Illiterate Infant facebook page or you can leave your trick in the comments below. Later this year I’ll be putting a series of “not in the manual” tricks together and would love to include yours.

Sharing with our favourite Friday linky: FYBF at withsomegrace.

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20 Responses to Caught my eye Friday – Desperate housewives and doting Dads

  1. Good morning!
    My “baby” just turned nine, with my first born now thirteen, (and you think yours is growing up too fast) so it’s been a while since I’ve had babies in the house. The only advice I have for parents of new borns is if you’re getting confused by what you read, put the baby books down and just do what your heart tells you to do. You’re intuition makes you the expert on on your own child.
    The one trick I still use with settling other people’s grizzly babies is, if it might be a tummy ache, put baby belly down on your arm, head at your elbow, hand on their bottom (they have a leg and arm on either side) and rock or swing the baby in that position. The pressure on the tummy seems to soothe any pains or wind, plus the baby gets to see a different perspective and they often settle quite quickly.
    Off to read about Kim now …
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. mumabulous says:

    Back in the dark ages I briefly dated a lovely young man who was involved with competitive cycling This was back in 1990. He told me that absolutely everyone in the scene was doing the “roids”. The Lance Armstrong “bombshell” comes as no great surprise.
    I too am a big fan of Kim – a witty intelligent woman. I want her to be in my gang!
    Sorry no tricks for kid wrangling. I just muddle through.

  3. Enid Bite'Em says:

    Yes I love Falling Face First 🙂 … as for tips, I found one of the most useful things I did before having both of my boys was stocking it with 2 months worth of healthy meals … it let us do ‘sleep shifts’ when the baby was awake for hours and hours and not have to worry about the cooking or our health 🙂

  4. Zanni Arnot says:

    I will follow your advice and follow Kim. On Armstrong, I think a lot of top sports people are doped, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. When they are sporting at such a high level they need replenishing.
    I have a million secrets to share about newborns…one is taking the path of least resistance. If it’s easier to breastfeed to sleep, do it. If a baby stops crying when you hold them, do it. Doing things that are easy make me a better mum.

  5. Kelly HTandT says:

    Argh, you asked for one trick and I wrote you a novel! So self absorbed.
    And YOU! YOU! How dare you only discover Kim the week! Practically criminal. I love Kim, quite possibly a little too much.
    And you know what I just realised?! Oh my god. You won’t believe this. You, me, your other reader (aka wingwoman) and Kim. What do we all have in common? K! Clearly it is the best letter of the alphabet. We could form a gang. The K gang. Or am I suffering sleep deprivation and talking crap? You know how in your head, it sounds all kinds of awesome, but then when it’s coming out of your mouth you start to wonder if it really is awesome at all… Except this isn’t like that, because I’m not talking I’m writing, so really I could just stop at any mome

  6. I would agree with Zanni, I am all for doing things the easy way. Why cause stress to yourself and your baby, when there is a simpler way to get the same result(in the end). One tip I have found with all three babies is plain, cheap cornflour is the best for nappy rash, as soon as there is a bit of redness, put it on!

  7. Kim says:

    I love youse ALL!! Want you all in my gang. Feeling the love today – thanks heaps Kev. Except Lance. I don’t love him. Not because I had him on a pedestal or he took drugs… mainly cos I can’t abide a man who shaves his legs. It’s awkward when you have more stubble than they do.

    Do you want my baby tip? Not sure it’s a good one. Not even sure its a very nice one. But it works… You wrap them really well, then hold them on the horizontal, then rock with a swinging motion so they can’t fix their gaze on any one thing. Eventually all that whizzing scenery forces them to close their eyes. I would too!! Sleep…. my crying screaming baby …. sleeeeeeeep.

  8. Love Kim’s blog. Over Lance Armstrong. Have been ever since I worked in the bookshop and people kept stealing his bloody book! Must read that post by 3am Dad.

    Happy Friday Kev!

  9. Emily says:

    I never put my girl down asleep. Ever. She learnt to self-settle from a very young age (and with minimal crying – otherwise I have no doubt I’d have caved in). That said, I think it’s in her to do that anyway so am 100% aware that this won’t work for everybody! I promise that I am not a smug ‘I can’t believe anybody would ever rock their baby to sleep’ eye-rolling self-appointed SuperMum.

    Thanks for the links. Already a big fan of FFF but that dad’s letter is just beautiful.

  10. Thanks for the introduction to Kim’s blog 🙂

  11. Danya Banya says:

    Great links Kev!

    My tip – stock up on non-perishables. Like washing powder, toothpaste, toilet paper. Buy tons of that shit. That way, when you’re all sleep deprived and haven’t bothered to write a list, shopping expeditions can be a quick trip to the local grocery store or butcher or whatever and doesn’t have to involve Colesworths everytime…

    Oh and the 5 S technique (swaddle, shush, sway, suck, side-lie) worked a charm for Baby Bee. Found it on YouTube somewhere. (Didn’t work for her older sister though – each baby is no annoyingly unique).

    And agree with Zanni – whatever works. Especially in the first few weeks. You can’t teach bad habits to newborns.


  12. Shari says:

    Thanks for the introduction to Kim and yeah, there are always many shades of grey in a story but for me the initial reluctance to fess up, once caught out, slams him. I digress ….
    As for my newborn parenting tip, I say when all else fails (as it often does) put him/her in the cot and go for a long shower. A shower can wash away nearly any problem!
    Happy FYBF

  13. rhian @melbs says:

    I was all for routine with mine – worked for me. I was a bit military though, I think I am a bit of a contol freak. Currently have my nephew staying with us and properly struggling with looking after two. I’ll definitely be interested to read your comments for some ideas.

  14. Grace says:

    I’ve just seen both parts of the Lance Armstrong interview and I go back and forth on what I think of him. At the end of the day, I haven’t walked in his shoes. I don’t know what goes on in his head. And I get a little uncomfortable about making judgements because hey, I’m no saint either…None of us are.

  15. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the introduction to the new blogs – just liked their pages. I have 3 boys aged 3, 6 and 7. The advice I would give for the baby stage is try and switch everyone else off. Do what feels right for you. There’s no absolute right and wrong. Most things right themselves and the things that don’t you can find support for.

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