…Bloody Kids

Making me wake up every hour to settle you when just the other day you had me convinced that you were sleeping through… bloody kids

Running off from me in the supermarket and making me do the dad-trying-to-be-casual-but-really-sprinting thing to catch up with you and then, when I catch you and am about to tell you off, you cackle with joy… bloody kids

Teddy bear wearing socks

The $10 Teddy

Having at least 300 different stuffed toys but still insisting on bringing the dodgy $10 bear your auntie bought you from a service station the day you were born every-bloody-where… bloody kids

Screaming in bed like someones cut your leg off, causing me to rush in to your aid only to have you looking up at me and giggling… bloody kids

Insisting (to the point of complete emotional breakdown) that you don’t need to wee then, once I’ve finally got you buckled into the car seat and driven off… “Daddy, I need to do a weeee!”…  bloody kids

The fact I drive a station wagon from a company that shares its country of origin with a certain flat packed furniture company and said vehicle’s boot it entirely full of scooters, prams, change bags and near petrified rice rusks… bloody kids

The look of fear in your eye when they put the oxygen mask on you at the hospital on the weekend… bloody kids

The panic you were obviously feeling when they wheeled us both into intensive care… and the way you clung onto me.. bloody kids

Child sleeping in hospital

Finally asleep – with the bloody $10 Teddy

The feeling that came over me, 12 hours later when you finally collapsed into sleep, laying on my chest still breathing like a trapped rabbit when I looked down and saw your blood on my arm from where they had hurriedly put the cannula in… bloody kids

The way I now really get that there is so much more in this life than me… and that what I want doesn’t really matter for now… and that I actually don’t mind this… bloody kids

oh, and also… taking one bite from an apple and saying your full, watching In The night Garden religiously but playing with your Iggle Piggle doll once – ever, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, my zombie wife, my lack of exercise… bloody kids.

Love you both

What’s your bloody kids sentence?

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40 Responses to …Bloody Kids

  1. mumabulous says:

    School run – bloody kids!

  2. “I need to take a plate of food to school today, Mum”, as we’re getting in the car….bloody kids! Gotta love ’em.

  3. Oh Kev, sounds like you had a rough weekend. I hope all is much better now and your munchkin is breathing much easier. I can’t imagine how scary it must have been for you.

    And now…
    Standing in front of the pantry sooking and pointing, but when I get a biscuit she refuses it. And keeps on whinging…bloody kids.

    Making me think she’s finally getting better and then bam! Nose is running like a tap and she’s coughing like a pack-a-day smoker… for the 4th week in a row… bloody kids (and daycare!).

    Insisting on taking off her socks and shoes when its 2 degrees, and now suddenly learning how to take off her pants too, and running away from me when I try to put them back on her, just as we get to winter… bloody kids.

    Seeing her point to a picture of me on the bookshelf and saying clear as day “Mummy” and looking at me with a big grin on her face… bloody kids!

  4. miss.cinders says:

    I have too many right now. Wayyyyy to many, I won’t stop if I start!


  5. Insisting on carrying a blanket around the house because you’re so cold, but refusing to wear a jumper or slippers.
    Refusing to finish your breakfast, but becoming suddenly ravenous when I sit down to eat mine….. bloody kids!

    • Kevin says:

      ahhhh – the I-sense-your-doing-something-for-yourself-and-want-to-ruin-it thingy…

      Well played!

    • Rachel says:

      Arrgghh! Mine do the blanket thing too and the leave them lying around everywhere! WHY? They have warm clothes galore but insist on wearing t-shirts and draping themselves in blankets. It is PERVERSE!

  6. I am hungry…

    I am still hungry…

    I don’t want that, but I am hungry…

    Is there anything to eat?

    What’s for dinner, because, I am hungry….

  7. Wendy Parks says:

    Putting you in your cot for you nap when you are clearly tired, and as soon as I leave you room you stand up and are jumping up and down in your cot…right now, as I am typing this, you are jumping in your cot. Go to sleep!

  8. Eating all the chocolate chip cookies on the day I buy them leaving nothing but one loan cookie which they say is especially for me …. bloody kids.

  9. Emily says:

    Hope the munchkin is okay.

    Pooing three times in ten minutes – always IMMEDIATELY after I have put the clean nappy on… bloody kids.

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  11. Robyn says:

    Drawing on the car door and car seat, because he wanted to make it ‘beautiful’… bloody kids!

  12. Great post 🙂
    I’d like to add…Lifting arms straight up in the air as you try to lift them up, effectively making them slippery little suckers…bloody kids…also, that’s a bit clever and I resent that.

    • Kevin says:

      I love that one – another version is the sudden paralysis/collapse on the floor/dead weight trick! Thanks for coming along and checking joining in!

  13. Sam Stone says:

    I am going with “screaming in your cot and not sleeping…ever, bloody kids!”

  14. mamagrace71 says:

    We’ve bought every single Thomas character you can think of and surely should have shares in HIT Entertainment but they insist on taking the $2 ugly matchbox car (that they stole from another kid at a birthday party) to bed…bloody kids.

    Geez, weekend trips to the hospital suck big time! Hope all is okay.

  15. Love the apple bite comment – i get that regularly. I don’t have a bloody kids statement but as I was trying to read this, after another day of work, fitting in all the other stuff i’ve got to do to keep our little household running my daughter for the 7th time wanted me to watch her do handstands – not just watch but stare and not blink – bloody kids.

  16. Mother Load says:

    going to someone else’s house and happily eating something that they turn their nose up at mine, bloody kids!

    taking all their clothes off when I turn my back but not being able to take their clothes off for a shower, bloody kids.

    finger prints and god forbid, lip prints on the tv, bloody kids.

    Riding the dog, bloody kids.

    I could go on, but I won’t….

  17. I hope your wee one is okay after the hospital visit.
    My bloody kids, is when I have strapped all three in to the car, put shoes on and we’re already late for school and I smell a poo in No.3 that can’t wait – BLOODY KIDS x Em

  18. Rachel says:

    We go shopping, and all three boys declare their undying love for bananas. So I buy some. A week later I have 6 black, inedible bananas and three boys who swear they HATE bananas and always have done – bloody kids!

    PS Glad to hear the little one is ok now. They can frighten the bejesus out of you at times!

  19. I woke up this morning with 3 kids and a cat between my husband and I because we were just too damned exhausted to shift anyone out when they crept in one by one saying they were cold. The fact that their freshly acquired warmness forced husband and I to hang off our respective sides of the bed sans doona meant nothing to them. Bloody kids! (ps. hope your little one is OK)

  20. Sheila says:

    Great post Kev!

  21. Not eating the spag bol I cooked for you but then pestering me for every mouthful of my garlic scallops – bloody kids! 🙂 But you wouldnt change it for the world! x

  22. suzie harris says:

    Ohh Kev, You had me cackling and then you had me terribly worried. What an awesome post, so so true. We are so annoyed at our little gems at times however so quickly made aware how dam precious they are. I’m calling your beautiful wife tomoz to get the run down. xoxoxoxox

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  24. Kangaroo Dad says:

    Having your daughters first tooth pop through the gum @ 3am in the morning….bloody kids!!!!

    Caught the linky from the Aussie Daddy Bloggers site. Hope your kids are safe back from hospital.

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