My Christmas wish list

So Jess over at EssentiallyJess issued me a challenge that I am all too happy to accept. Firstly because it allows me to play the hypothetical game (my two readers may recall the game being mentioned before). Secondly, it allows me to hunt for interesting images and thirdly, it lets me pass on Jess’s invite to some of my favourite blogging peeps.

So here it is – my christmas wish list

1) James Bond life style… without all the dying stuff

aston-martin-v12-vantage1Santa, I’d like to kick off by asking for a gun-metal grey Aston Martin, an Omega watch, an uncanny ability at poker, an endless supply of well cut suits (and the events to wear them to) and a buffness that is apparently impossible to achieve sitting in an office 5 days a week and chasing a little girl around on weekends.

Obviously a baby seat would need to be fitted to my new wheels and my wife would need to be equipped with appropriate Bond-girl attire (maternity sized if you don’t mind).

2) About 3,000 more views on my blog per month

Maybe you could retweet some of my entries via your twitter feed promoting some of my hilarous points of view? I’m also happy to guest post on your blog. All I ask in return is to be able to write for a living (the living must be very comfortable – see first entry on list)

3) Enthusiasm for exercise

Running-6251I’m not after much here, just an infinite amount of enthusiasm for getting up at 5:30 and going for a run. You and I both know I feel great once it’s done, I just need some help getting my legs out of bed.

4) Another child with all the personality, fun, excitement and reward of my first daughter but with a lot more sleep.

We both know that the illiterate house hold hasn’t paid you much attention yet but with Little Miss 2.5 now being a lot simpler, I’m hoping to keep my new found enthuisasm for christmas going. You know what you need to do!

5) World peace.

It’s real and from

I figure if we all ask you maybe you see a return on investment for this one. Maybe you could get a few world leaders to sit on your knee at once. The good thing about you is that you’re not religious so a whole lot of different people will feel safe dealing with you. You might need to put you naughty and nice list to one side for a little while but it would be worth it.

So that my list. In line with Jess’s instructions I’m roping in 5 more bloggers to reveal their lists. Those luck peeps are (in no particular order):

Congrats – now go forth and hypothetical-ise, google and suprise.

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17 Responses to My Christmas wish list

  1. daddownunder says:

    Thanks Kev…..I think ; )

  2. Awesome list!
    I like the idea of the Bond lifestyle without all the death as well. I think I could drink Martini’s every day.
    Love that pic of Santa for World Peace too, btw.
    That’s the way to do it! 🙂

  3. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions says:

    I will also take an aston martin and the motivation to exercise. A child that sleeps later than 6am would be nice too.

    Thanks for the tag, I will have to get my serious thinking cap on for this!

  4. Mumabulous says:

    I’ll take everything on this list and double it! Thanks for the tag – now I’ll just have get my neurons connecting. I’m guessing “all I want for Christmas is Dadabulous” wont cut the mustard.

  5. great list! been too busy today to even think of mine!
    better get onto it!

  6. iSophie says:

    Great list! One sleeping baby? Order up!

    Bond girl attire, Maternity style.. would love to see that!

    I have mine ready to go, but will have to rethink some of my tags now!

  7. Kelly HTandT says:

    Yessss! I love being tagged. I remember playing ‘Heads down, thumbs up’ in school and just DYING to be the one picked. *Sigh*. And if you get your first wish then obviously you’ll be bumped up the friendship ranks. Aston Martin drivers make cool friends.
    I can’t believe there is a Santa blog – LMFAO!
    Wish 2 – we can work on that. Wish 3 – I think I’ll have to recycle that one.
    In true Kev style, this post had me giggling from go to whoa. Or maybe it’s the wine. No, surely it’s you. Surely…

  8. Hi there, cool blog, I’ve enjoyed reading it!
    Well, what I would like for Xmas is this giant 4m super robot, is that too much to ask, Santa?

  9. Roshni says:

    Nice list!! Very practical…..and you asked for world peace too!! Admiration all around!!

  10. All the best with the James Bond Lifestyle and the world peace. Will do my best to help you with your extra 3000 page views – should take me about 2 hours of uploading new pages from your blog per month! Thanks for the tag 🙂

  11. Emily says:

    Great list! Kelly has now tagged me and I’m thinking… thinking… falling asleep… thinking about what to write.

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