Caught my eye Friday – Honesty, Integrity & Controversy

This week I’ve got two mums that caught my eye, both honest in their own way but to start with it’s been interesting following the controversy sparked by the media watch special on Mummy Bloggers. If you haven’t seen it you can check it out here. The quick summary (for those who don’t know) is that media watch questioned whether Mummy Bloggers are a valid form of journalism, can be trusted if they are being paid to say things by marketing companies and what happens when Politicians start trying to use Mummy Bloggers to get their message across.

Essential Baby ran an opinion piece on it here. There’s also been a lot of talk about it on Facebook and Twitter. I’d love to hear what you think about it. I’d also be interested to hear about anyone’s experiences of being asked to talk about certain topics or how they feel there’s a difference between promotion and opinion.

Blogger Bravery Award #1

Josefa over at alwaysjosefa wrote a beautiful piece about the first few days of being a mum. It was one of those posts that I “felt” more than read. I felt what the dad felt and witnessed what Josefa went through.

It takes guts to be this honest in a public forum and I think challenges the pretty huge generalisations the media watch article came out with.

Brave Blogger Award #2

Most people who read this have probably got some good things to say about Jess over at Diary of a SAHM. Chances are you would never have heard of me if it wasn’t for her IBOT link up (Cheers Jess) but her bravery award has not been given because she manages to plough through nearly 100 linked posts each week. It’s for her post about a week ago when she publicly declared her new approach to alcohol. The thing that I respect the most is how she was authentic and true to her convictions in refusing to accept the 6 bottles of wine she was offered in return for her writing about them (funnily enough, more proof against media watches condescending bollocks).

All thoughts and comments most welcome . Have a cracking weekend.

Sharing and shacking up with Grace at withsomegrace for FYBF and youknowithappensatyourhousetoo

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10 Responses to Caught my eye Friday – Honesty, Integrity & Controversy

  1. Rhianna says:

    Jess is pretty awesome isn’t she. I too was pretty impressed by that post. Off to read Josefa’s post now. Thanks for sharing

  2. iSophie says:

    Awesome post, acknowledging some awesome bloggers. I love Jess and Josefa, I couldn’t agree more!

  3. I completely agree with your post. Some excellent blogs. Rachel xx

  4. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions says:

    I love Jess’ blog and it’s a well deserved shout-out. And I’ve just read that post by Josefa and just love it!

  5. just wanted to say how wonderful it was to wake up this morning and find that I was being featured on your fabulous blog! your words and sentiment about my blog post are heart warming and reassuring – I was hovering over the publish button with that post – but now realise that honesty works and writing works for me
    thank you so much for making me a part of this

  6. mamagrace71 says:

    Thanks for that link to Essential Baby. Will head on over and check it out. And nice plug on Josefa! Love your work, Kev 🙂

  7. mumabulous says:

    Jess is a stronger woman than I am. I would have grabbed those six bottles of wine and downed them before you could even type “Disclaimer: Sponsored post.” I’ll go check out Josefa and let her know you sent me.

  8. jess@diaryofasahm says:

    Thanks Kevin for the shoutout. I really appreciate it.
    I missed the drama of mummy blogger politics this week (probbaly a good thing!) but it seems to come and go in waves, so I’m sure I’ll catch up soon!
    People treat blogs in such different ways. For me, I love to write, but there’s no point doing it, if I’m not being real about it. That’s just my approach.

    Sorry it took me so long to visit; have had a crazy weekend (hardly any facebook!)

  9. Rita Azar says:

    I read both posts and shared the one Jess wrote on my Facebook page. It takes a lot of courage to write in a blog and put out there your feelings. The growing of blogging is relatively new and, like any new thing, it always cause a lot of controversy at the start.

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